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About Us

Welcome to Fine Elements™. We promote a conscious and eco-friendly approach to your daily cleaning needs. We are a passionate team of nature enthusiasts who firmly believe in the power of nature’s gentle yet effective ingredients and processing to tackle everyday cleaning challenges.

At Fine Elements™, we understand the concerns that arise from using harsh chemical cleaners that can be harmful to our health and environment. Hence ,we have made it our mission to provide you with a wide range of natural cleaning products that are safe to use, non-toxic, and biodegradable.

Join us in our mission to transform the way we clean, one conscious choice at a time. Discover the beauty of nature’s gentle touch combined with the effectiveness you deserve. Experience the difference with Fine Elements. Thank you for being a part of our journey towards a cleaner, greener world.

Our Mission

Sustainable affordable and reliable solutions that ensure healthy environments

Our Vision

To be a key driver and an integral part in developing a healthy and sustainable society that lives in harmony with nature.

Why choose us?

Nature has its own great powers for cleaning. When the process is friendly we call it fermenting and when it is not so welcome we call it rotting. We utilize the friendly technique that nature provides to create plant-based cleaning solutions. This, in turn, improves living conditions and more harmonious coexistence with the natural world.


Jyothi P T


Jyothi P T, with an illustrious career in Product Development, has always been a strong advocate for sustainable initiatives. With a strong 25 years’ background in Product Development and an impressive 10 years of experience in startups, Jyothi's passion for environmental consciousness has led her to embark on an exciting new venture to create and promote sustainable products.

Deepa Anand


Deepa Anand, with 15+ years’ experience in Digital Marketing and Content Creation, is focused on sustainably and righteously promoting an eco-conscious business. Deepa’s know-how in upcycling and promoting zero waste events is invaluable. Deepa with her 10+ years’ experience in project management manages the operations at Fine Elements™.

Dr. Prashant Bapat (Ph.d)

Technical Advisor

Dr. Prashant Bapat has a PhD in Industrial Biotechnology from IIT Bombay and a Post Doc from Technical University of Denmark. Dr. Prashant has 10 years of work experience in fermentation process development and control, +12 years of work experience in B2B business, Bioethanol, distilling, starch and household care. Dr. Prashant brings good insights in probiotic hygiene & enzymes application in homecare products.

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