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An Eco-Friendly Cleaner for a Healthier, Cleaner Lifestyle!

Safe on hands
No fumes
Less Lather
No additives
Kid Friendly
Good on Soil


Improve Indoor Air Quality

Removing toxic cleaning products from your home is a key step towards improving indoor air quality.

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Shveta Artist

I feel good that I am using a chemical free solution while cleaning ,since I am allergic to chemical cleaners . I also noticed the cockroaches and other bugs are controlled at home after I started using the solution. Found effective for kitchen counter top and stove with continuous usage.

Sreedevi Baker

I was very happy with the floor cleaner, I did use it on my kitchen surface as well. The counter was extremely looking clean, fresh and sparkly. I used as a floor cleaner and saw some very tough stains being removed . Was very happy the lemon grass concentrate left a fresh feeling post cleaning. I would definitely like to use it regular to also see if we can get rid of ants and other insects as I live on the ground floor.

Kaveri Student

I don't have enough words to describe the product!! From the moment it arrived at home the smell of the lemon grass took over the house and it was a pleasure. The product removed some nasty stains that hadn't been removed using regular *** and *** over multiple years of cleaning. It also made the floors smell so much more better and it has no effect on the skin and it was very simple to use. The counters were sparkling after one swipe and it looked brand new. I can't wait to try out the others as well!!

Kimsuka Home Maker

Effectiveness is good. The cleaner doesn't make skin dry! Happy as it is environment friendly

Madhvi Home Maker

I love the product. I use the floor cleaner and my house smells nice. I had an ant problem before using the floor cleaner, they have disappeared after using the floor cleaner. So I am very happy about that, especially since I didn't have to use harsh chemicals.

Chandhrabala Auditor

Smell is very mild and soothing, not harsh on skin, good quantity for the price, feels safe for using on kid's bottle, completely organic so feeling environmentally responsibleπŸ™‚πŸ˜Š



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