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  1. No toxic fumes.
  2. Gentle on Hands.
  3. No toxic substance 
  4. Removes aged stains on any surface on continued usage.
  5. Biodegradable and hence safe for soil & aquatic life (or ecosystem )

Hard Water Stain Remover

Our hard water stain remover offers a gentle solution for surfaces with hardwater deposits. The plant-based and enzyme-infused cleaner guarantees a safe and effective choice for eliminating stains, without any fumes or toxic substances.

Let’s clean the hard water stains worry-free, without concerns about chemical fumes and without spoiling  the grout.

1 Liter₹ 280.00*
Refill Pouch 1lt₹ 250.00*
5 Liter1100.00*

Note – Delivery Charges Extra.

*including GST @ 18%

  1. Organic acids derived from citrus plants.
  2. It easily removes stains & cooking odours.
  3. Gentle on Hands.
  4. Zero toxic residues after cleaning, healthy cleaning
  5. Natural ingredients which make it less lather. Less water and effort to clean.
  6. Removes aged grease/stains on vessels on continued usage.
  7. Biodegradable and hence safe for soil & aquatic life (or ecosystem )

Dilute 50 ml solution with 100 ml water for general use. For greasy stains and to remove odor use directly and leave for few minutes before wash.

(Note – Since the solution is a natural plant-based cleaner, the hard water stains will start showing good results on continuous usage.



Effectiveness is good. The cleaner doesn't make skin dry! Happy as it is environment friendly


Smell is very mild and soothing, not harsh on skin, good quantity for the price, feels safe for using on kid's bottle, completely organic so feeling environmentally responsible🙂😊


It's very effective and safe on hands. Helping the environment is an added advantage. A must buy product!

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